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9/10/2014 tips
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I've made a first (test) purchase here. Not that I needed anything but the promotional price on the Nemi seemed pretty good - I haven't a clue what atomiser I'll put on it!

Website needs quite a bit of work, though.
1. Logins and other areas of personal information should be protected by SSL (https) - this is a basic requirement for any e-commerce website.
2. The confirmation emails need to be altered to not show Wallbuys; this is very amateur looking.
These are the main ones that come to mind but there are others.
3. I had initial concerns during the ordering process. PayPal payment completed and the transaction could be seen within PayPal. It took several hours until the transaction showed within the Focal site.
4. It would be useful if username/password could be saved by the browser (Firefox). It does for the forum, just not the main site.

Generally, the amount of information on products is a bit lacking. It seems we are expected to Google for the product and hope that we find the same item elsewhere.

Why does it take so long to package up items? Compared to other shopping sites, this aspect could be improved. I purchased at the weekend but now it is 19:00 Wednesday HK time and the items are still waiting to be posted.

I'll be interested in seeing how long delivery takes, compared to buying from another well known vaping site and from eBay Chinese/HK sellers.


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6/7/2015 2:29:53 AM tips
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I also made a test purchase, 11 days ago.

The item has been in the collecting status for 10 days now, 8 working days.

The same item showed up on another site yesterday (10 days after it showed up on focal), so I purchased from there as well, it has already been processed and shipped out to me. while I am still waiting for collection from focal.

My first impression of focalecig is... I would not even consider them for wholesale or dropshipping (you would just be letting down your customers) and doubt I will be purchasing again, unless there is a drastic improvement.


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8/6/2015 10:51:36 PM tips
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I too made a test purchase & received items but have a problem with item purchased (smokeless owl) smelling very chemical despite cleaning numerous times & item not like this sites pictures. Despite submitting photos, screenshots & jumping through hoops & every email changing what they state & now unless I make an additional purchase they will not send another. 
Even if I was foolish enough to make another purchase its very doubtful in my opinion that I would see a replacement. As this company hasn''t the physical stock to hand to validate any claims.
(Hence why they want photos & screenshots)
If this how they operate, I too would not consider for wholesale or dropshipping to valuable customers. I would have been horrified if  customers had received this. 
FC, your not the only company to purchase from, thankfully!
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I order here now 4 times, with german express and all 4 orders are great packed and the items are from nice quality. 

The prices in this shop are good and cheap, the shipment with GE 7-9 days great. If you buy something made from steel, take hot water with detergent and the oily smell ist away. that is absolutly normal for ch ware.

by the way i order from 2 other ch stores before i found focalecig there is no different in cleaning the items.... 

Why does it take so long to package up items? Compared to other shopping sites, that is not true 3-5 days are normal in other stores mostly they send out Fridays if you order Sunday........

depend on what you buy you can wait longer, my longest waiting time before shipment in another shop was 11 days.


  • System
    7/6/2015 1:33:44 AM
    Instant Order ReceivedOrder has been received. Order appears to be paid. Please check transaction records before shipment.
  • echo
    7/6/2015 9:42:14 AM
    Collecting Products NowProcessing.
  • system
    7/10/2015 5:58:53 PM
    Package Shipped.,
  • system
    7/13/2015 11:31:41 AM
    Package Shipped[Tracking # Added: xxxxxxxxxxxx ]
  • xxxxxxxx
    7/18/2015 6:51:18 PM
    FulfilledCompleted the orders By xxxxxxxxxxxxx

all 4 orders looks like this 2-4 days. (German Express and Paypal!).....

so my favorit shop ist focalecig now and im happy to find this shop. I asked here for the Gizmo and a safevaping fuse and they looking for it... great.

sure webside and forum design could be a bit better, buyer reviews are important, but as buyer i can live with that if the items are good and the price is fine.

and before i buy something from somewhere, i goole allways for it ;)


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