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Shipping via Deutschland Express
5/23/2015 tips
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About a week ago i made my first order via Deutschland Express. As far as i understand this, the goods are send from china from the china warehouse via DHL to Germany, and from there to myself via another shipping carrier. 

But as i ordered with my new paypal adress, the order isnt visible in my account, and via order track i get this result:
Q51721620758Instant Order Received5/17/2015 2:19:33 AMOrder has been received. Order appears to be paid. Please check transaction records before shipment.
Q51721620758Collecting Products Now5/18/2015 9:51:16 AMProcessing.

My question is, how does Deutschland Express option work in detail on stock in china? Until now i only knew the option to order in German warehouse, where the goods are send directly from Germany.
But my ordered items are in china, so how is the process in detail?
Is a week waiting time for it to collect goods (Not to arrive, thats very clear) normal? I ordered the silver cherry bomber and the 11,79 silverplay rta..

So do i need to be worried? When should i contact CS? 

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It tooks after ship out 7 days to my home :) after the 3rd Day you can got to the DHL Webside and track your order.

Es dauert 7 Tage und ab dem 3. Tag kannst du es mit DHL verfolgen.

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