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Lack of Stock
12/17/2014 tips
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 Honestly I have only ordered from Focalecig once, but I absolutely love their vast amount of items as well as their awesome price. The only problem I have with Focal is that as a U.S. citizen the amount of time it takes to recieve my items takes forever. I have seen that they have a U.S. warehouse but after checkimg it out I noticed that they don't even have half the stock as the China warehouse. It would be so much easier and a lot faster to order from the U.S. warehouse for me, unfortunately all the items I want aren't stocked there. I think they should stock both warehouses equally to accommodate all their customers. Is there any plans to better stock the other warehouses out there?
1/3/2015 2:48:40 AM tips
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Agreed, they need to stock a lot more in the US warehouse if they want people to take interest in it.
12/23/2015 4:28:00 PM tips
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yES, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A JOKE The USA warehouse is 100% useless. you can''t send returns to it when you get defects and it cost 40+ $ to send anything back to china with full tracking. The prices are all out of date and never get updated it they have stuff on there that half the price everywhere else. the used market is huge, but they treat use like  we don''t matter. I have been  a customer for almost 2 years now. When Doris handled everything it was great now they have this Julie and Eleven and they are 100% useless now I get stuff from Germany and don''t know why that is supposed to be for the EU only and shipping is terrible from Germany. they put all this effort into Germany and they should get their stuff from china there a lot closer to china than the USA is. they have like 20 or 30 overpriced obsolete items in the USA warehouse. All return  should be handled thru the USA where if you in the USA not china or Germany. The USA where house needs some real love soon or I am done as customer; I had an SMY TC 60 that broke twice both time in 2 week weeks and it took 3 week of email to get them to send  the item to the SMY repair center in t3 months I had 3 week of use of my item and wrote emails every day when Doris ran the show it was never like that.

the USA warehouse is complete crap I ordered an item from the USA warehouse it was supposable lost 4 months later it returned never picked up at the post office. I don''t have any idea why they are s wrapped up in that german warehouse the USA and Canada have a bigger customer base than the EU half the country in the EU now are so poor all the old eastern block countries are so short on cash they could play handball aginst curb. Not having a return center here in the USA make Focal a useless store fastech has a USA return center why don''t focal there customer service is a joke 3 week just to find out that I had to send my item to Ohio. 2 month to have an item just waiting to go some place id a joke I even told them what they had to do from the first time I had to send it back. I all I heard was there waiting to hear from the supplier. if they can''t get an answer 24 hours to 48 hours they should close their doors I am actually buying more from FAstech now mostly because f their hassle free return and warranty policy

So focal to hell with this german warehouse and fix the USA warehouse I think we should boycott
focal till they 1 add a return center here in the USA and fix and update their USA warehouse and stop shipping to the USA from Germany. Every day they some message about the problem in the German warehouse ship me my stuff from china or the USA like it used to be not from the german warehouse. Let Doris handle the stuff like she did before fire Julie and eleven both are useless

So after all that rant it comes down to 2 things 
Update the stock and prices in the USA warehouse 
and make it a return center for all warranty problems
2 simple things to fix 
the USA warehouse should everything in stock they sell in china and handle all warranty and returns for north America                            
Michael Prusak

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